PRIMARY BENEFITS Supports digestion and relieves stomachache Promotes healthy insulin balance Relieves sore muscles and joints Provides skin rejuvenation and toning PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Growing annually, the coriander plant can reach up to three feet tall and produces a powerful aroma and a number of therapeutic benefits, including relieving nausea and READ MORE


PRIMARY BENEFITS Supports respiratory function Clears breathing paths Relieves sore and tense muscles Stimulates localized blood flow Clears up oily skin issues   PRODUCT DESCRIPTION This evergreen tree grows to great heights and produces a clean and fresh scent which re-energizes and stimulates. Commonly employed in massage therapy, when applied READ MORE


PRIMARY BENEFITS Clears breathing pathways Enhances respiratory function Relieves sore muscles and joints Cleanses and purifies   PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Often termed “Gum Trees,” these evergreens can grow to be up to 50 feet tall. Perhaps the #eucalyptus absorbs some of the clean air from such a height, as one of the oil’s READ MORE


PRIMARY BENEFITS Alleviates digestive issues, like indigestion Relieves menstrual issues Enhances lymphatic system function Supports skin irritations   PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Growing up to six feet tall, fennel sprouts feather-like leaves, along with a number of beneficial properties. Historically, ancient Roman warriors ate fennel to strengthen and prepare their bodies and READ MORE


PRIMARY BENEFITS Regulates and promotes healthy immune function Enhances cellular function Diminishes skin imperfections, including scars and stretch marks   PRODUCT DESCRIPTION As one of the most highly valued essential oils, #frankincense lives up to its name. This ancient and holy oil has been used for thousands of years in Egypt and READ MORE


PRIMARY BENEFITS Supports healthy skin Reduces nervous tension Aids liver function PRODUCT DESCRIPTION This aesthetic and fragrant flower is cultivated for its beauty and for perfumes. Of the more than 200 varieties of the Pelargonium genus of flower species, not many are used to extract essential oils; but #geranium is one of the READ MORE


PRIMARY BENEFITS Relieves occasional nausea Supports the digestive tract Aids general digestive function   PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Used often in cooking, the flavor of #ginger is hot and spicy, adding flavor both to Asian cuisine and such universal holiday favorites as gingerbread and ginger snaps. Ginger comes from rhizome, a subterranean plant stalk. READ MORE


PRIMARY BENEFITS Purifies and cleanses Supports oily skin conditions Boosts metabolism Relieves mental and physical fatigue   PRODUCT DESCRIPTION First recorded by Rev. Griffith Hughes in 1750, this “forbidden fruit” is also called one of the “Seven Wonders of Barbados,” which may validate its wondrous array of uses, from  supporting READ MORE

Hawaiian Sandalwood

PRIMARY BENEFITS Supports skin health Diminishes appearance of blemishes and scars Improves mood Grounds and uplifts (great for meditation) PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Sandalwood offers incredible skin relieving and mood stimulating properties. The best supply of sandalwood essential oil from a renewable source is in Hawaii, which possesses a sweet, rich, woodsy READ MORE


PRIMARY BENEFITS Speeds skin recovery Supports liver function Stimulates localized blood flow PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Deemed the “Everlasting” or “Immortal Flower,” the history of helichrysum harkens back to the ancient Greeks. In fact, the term, “Helichrysum,” comes from the Greek words for sun and gold, “helios” and “chryos,” respectively, because the READ MORE


Juniper Berry

PRIMARY BENEFITS Aids urinary and kidney activity Supports the skin Cleanses and detoxifies Alleviates stress and tension PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The long history of this coniferous tree includes versatile uses and benefits of the juniper berry. Applied internally and externally, juniper berry is a natural cleanser, which aid urinary and kidney READ MORE


PRIMARY BENEFITS Purifies and cleanses surfaces and air Supports digestion and cleanses the body Aids the respiratory system Stimulates cognitive function and uplifts the mood PRODUCT DESCRIPTION #Lemon is one of the best-selling of the essential oils and for good reason – lemon possesses a number of useful benefits which aid in READ MORE


PRIMARY BENEFITS Aids the immune system and provides antioxidants Refreshes and enhances positive moods Cleanses internally, topically or aromatically Induces mood and mind balance and wellness PRODUCT DESCRIPTION This citrus fruit possesses a re-energizing and refreshing scent that is valued in culinary dishes and for therapeutic purposes. Often used in READ MORE


PRIMARY BENEFITS Calms and relieves nervous tension while supporting the nervous system Relieves sore and fatigues muscles Aids respiratory function Supports cardiovascular health PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The ancient Romans and the Greeks termed marjoram the “joy of the mountains”; the herb even symbolized happiness. Known also as “wintersweet,” marjoram has long READ MORE


PRIMARY BENEFITS Cleanses and rejuvenates the skin Enhances immune system function Defends against seasonal and environmental threats PRODUCT DESCRIPTION With more than 90 compounds and a vast array of applications, #melaleuca – or “#Tea Tree,” as it’s commonly known – has historical uses dating back centuries, starting with applications by the Australian READ MORE


Enhances immune system function Relieves nerves and tension Relieves stomach upset PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Greek for “honey bee,” the fresh citrusy sweet scent of #Melissa officinalis – or “lemon balm” – attracts bees…and humans as well. The oil’s scent uplifts the mood, relieving nervous tension. It also adds unique flavor to beverages and READ MORE


PRIMARY BENEFITS Cleanses the mouth, throat and everything in between Relieves skin issues and provides a radiant and glowing complexion Balances emotion and promotes wellness PRODUCT DESCRIPTION #Myrrh was once so highly sought after that it was worth its weight in gold. Ancient documentation reveals its value, as do Biblical references READ MORE


PRIMARY BENEFITS Balances and grounds mood and mind Speeds skin recovery Diminishes the appearance of stretch marks, scars and wrinkles PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Growing anywhere from two to three feet tall, this mint herb produces small whitish pink flowers and a sweet and rich musky aroma, which may smell familiar due READ MORE


PRIMARY BENEFITS Cleanses and purifies Strengthens the body’s immune system Aids digestive and respiratory function PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Used for hundreds of years, #oregano possesses cleansing properties and offers immune system support in a big way, which is why it’s considered one of the strongest and most potent of the essential oils. Thymol READ MORE


PRIMARY BENEFITS Relaxes and calms Relieves skin irritations Relieves muscle strain PRODUCT DESCRIPTION This ancient oil has been popular across millennia and for good reason. Used by the ancient Romans and Egyptians, #lavender supported civilizations in life and death, with applications in cooking, bathing and even mummification. The oil is a favorite READ MORE


PRIMARY BENEFITS Enhances respiratory system and clears breathing blockages Soothes occasional stomach discomfort Promotes oral hygiene PRODUCT DESCRIPTION As one of the most popular oils, #peppermint offers a number of benefits. First documented in 1753 by Carl Linneaus, the peppermint plant is a hybrid between #spearmint and watermint. To distinguish peppermint oil quality, check out READ MORE

Roman Chamomile

PRIMARY BENEFITS Calms mind, body, and skin Supports bodily systems PRODUCT DESCRIPTION This low-growing plant climbs only up to a foot in height and produces daisy-like flowers, grayish green leaves, and an apple-like aroma. Known as the “plant’s physician,” #Roman chamomile supports nearby plants. It’s also supported humans for centuries. In fact, READ MORE


PRIMARY BENEFITS Enhances the digestive system Soothes muscle discomfort Calms fatigue and nervous tension PRODUCT DESCRIPTION This evergreen shrub possesses aromatic leaves that offer a number of culinary uses, including the flavoring of meats, like turkey, pork, chicken, and lamb, as well as a number of other dishes. This sacred READ MORE


PRIMARY BENEFITS Supports skin health Diminishes signs of aging, blemishes, and scars Stimulates positive mood and mind Stimulates positive mood and mind PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The aromatic wood of sandalwood is so powerful that the scent can keep for dozens of years. Sandalwood’s oil and its wood has been revered for READ MORE


PRIMARY BENEFITS Cleanses and purifies the skin Enhances immune system function and provides broad-spectrum activity for overall wellness PRODUCT DESCRIPTION During medieval times, #thyme was given by women to their men of war before they entered battle, in order to bolster courage; and yet, at the same time, it was also placed READ MORE


PRIMARY BENEFITS Stimulates circulation Grounds and soothes mind and mood Supports immune system function PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The root system of this grass supports erosion prevention due to its growth downwards, thereby stabilizing the soil. When it comes to your health and mood, #vetiver can also serve as a stabilizer, with its soothing READ MORE

Wild Orange

PRIMARY BENEFITS Cleanses and purifies Enhances the immune system Provides antioxidants, which combat free radicals Promotes an uplifting feeling PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The popularity of this essential oil is due to its multitude of therapeutic uses. The high monoterpene and antioxidant content provides #wild orange with a number of purifying and stimulating properties, READ MORE


PRIMARY BENEFITS Soothes muscles and joints Supports the respiratory system Flavors toothpaste, candy, and gum PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Often thriving in coniferous regions, the #wintergreen shrub grows up to six inches tall and produces small white flowers, shaped like bells, oval leaves, and shiny red fruit. #Methyl salicylate is wintergreen’s main chemical component and, along READ MORE

Ylang Ylang

PRIMARY BENEFITS Balances hormone levels Enhances skin and hair health Calms and uplifts PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The tropical ylang ylang tree produces flowers in a star shape, which are commonly used in aromatherapy and perfumery. Like jasmine, ylang ylang possesses aphrodisiac properties, making it of popular use in marriage ceremonies. The READ MORE

Fractionated Coconut Oil

PRIMARY BENEFITS Increased metabolism Weight loss PRODUCT DESCRIPTION As the name implies, this product is a fraction of #coconut oil It has been heat processed, which separates the fatty acids into individual components, while simultaneously refining, deodorizing, and clarifying the coconut oil. Once processed the #fractionated coconut oil will remain in liquid form indefinitely, READ MORE