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Wooden Vial Storage Box

Wooden Vial Storage Boxes


A wooden box for essential oil vials is an excellent method of ensuring proper handling and storage of your valuable oils when they are not in use. Each wooden box configuration should be equipped with individual storage compartments capable of holding a single bottle of essential oil. The wooden box serves ..

Sample Vials

Sample Vials


Sample vials for essential oils are an absolute necessity for those who are going to be starting their own essential oil based business. Small brown sample vials allow consultants to share individual essential oils, as well as essential oil blends, with potential clients and new customers. The smaller ..

Essential Oils Diffuser

Essential Oils Diffusers


There are a number of essential oil diffuser options to choose from. Depending on the model chosen, essential oils may be diffused neat, or diluted with water. Most of them have multiple mist settings which allow the user to adjust the amount of output, and/or the amount of area covered when in use. ..