Essential Oil


PRIMARY BENEFITS Purifies and cleanses Supports oily skin conditions Boosts metabolism Relieves mental and physical fatigue   PRODUCT DESCRIPTION First recorded by Rev. Griffith Hughes in 1750,...





Single Oils

Healthy Life


PRIMARY BENEFITS Relaxes and calms Relieves skin irritations Relieves muscle strain PRODUCT DESCRIPTION This ancient oil has been popular across millennia and for good reason. Used...


PRIMARY BENEFITS Alleviates digestive issues, like indigestion Relieves menstrual issues Enhances lymphatic system function Supports skin irritations   PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Growing up to six feet tall, fennel...


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Oils for Better Life

Ylang Ylang

PRIMARY BENEFITS Balances hormone levels Enhances skin and hair health Calms and uplifts PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The tropical ylang ylang tree produces flowers in a star shape,...

Fractionated Coconut Oil

PRIMARY BENEFITS Increased metabolism Weight loss PRODUCT DESCRIPTION As the name implies, this product is a fraction of #coconut oil It has been heat processed, which separates the fatty...


PRIMARY BENEFITS Regulates and promotes healthy immune function Enhances cellular function Diminishes skin imperfections, including scars and stretch marks   PRODUCT DESCRIPTION As one of the most...

Wild Orange

PRIMARY BENEFITS Cleanses and purifies Enhances the immune system Provides antioxidants, which combat free radicals Promotes an uplifting feeling PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The popularity of this essential...


PRIMARY BENEFITS Aids the immune system and provides antioxidants Refreshes and enhances positive moods Cleanses internally, topically or aromatically Induces mood and mind balance...

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