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  • Purifies and cleanses surfaces and air
  • Supports digestion and cleanses the body
  • Aids the respiratory system
  • Stimulates cognitive function and uplifts the mood


 is one of the best-selling of the essential oils and for good reason – lemon possesses a number of useful benefits which aid in overall health and cleansing. As a powerful non-toxic natural cleanser, lemon can help purify surfaces and the air without adding to the accumulation of environmental toxins. This exceptional oil can also aid the respiratory system, uplift and re-energize the mood and mind, and improve cognitive function. Often used in culinary dishes to increase flavor, lemon further supports digestion and combats free radicals byway of its antioxidant properties. Add a couple of drops to your drinking water and take internally throughout the day to refresh your spirit, cleanse your body, and support overall health.


  • Support the respiratory system by diffusing throughout the home or taking internally.
  • To clean surfaces, combine a few drops of lemon oil with distilled water in a spray bottle and use when needed. Combined with olive oil, lemon can also be used to clean, polish, protect and shine wood finishes.
  • To clean and preserve leather furniture or garments, wipe clean using a lemon-soaked cloth.
  • Silver and other metals can also benefit from lemon oil; apply using a cloth to remove tarnish.


Diffusion: Diffuse 3-4 drops in whichever diffuser you choose.

Internal application: Place a single drop of essential oil in every 4 fluid ounces.

Topical application: Apply 1-2 drops topically to the affected area.

To reduce skin sensitivity, dilute Lemon essential oil with Fractionated Coconut Oil.


Lemon essential oil should be kept out of reach of small children. If receiving medical attention or are pregnant or breastfeeding, always consult with your physician before using essential oils. If you have sensitive skin, dilute heavily. Sensitive areas, ears, and eyes should be avoided when using this oil. Keep out of direct sunlight for 12 hours following application.

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