How to Dilute Essential Oils

Using undiluted essential oils, referred to as neat, on the skin can cause extreme sensitivity, and/or irritation, both of which may be harmful. As a practicing precaution, it is highly recommended that all essential oils be diluted prior to being used on the skin. As a general rule of thumb, undiluted


Using Essential Oils on Children

As a precautionary measure, all essential oils, regardless of brand name or quality, should be treated as extremely concentrated chemicals. As such they require a degree of safety and concern when using them on anybody, but especially with infants and small children. When using essential oils on infants and children,


Essential Oils & Skin Sensitivity

Influential Factors to be Aware of: Quality is an extremely important characteristic of essential oils, and it can have an enormous impact on individuals using essential oils on sensitive skin. Unadulterated essential oils are inferior to pure essential oils, and increase the potential adverse reactions.   Chemical Composition of the essential oils


Using Essential Oils in Massage Therapy

Essential oils do not become rancid. They do however, over the course of time, become oxidized, which results in deterioration, and causes them to lose the inherent therapeutic properties that are beneficial to users. While not all essential oils will lose their aromatic properties, in fact a few mature with


Essential Oil Quality and Purity

Essential Oils are distilled and used for a wide variety of purposes. Aromatherapy, the perfume industry, household deodorizers and cleaning agents, the cosmetics industry, and the culinary industry, are all environments where the use of essential oils are present. Each of these industries uses a different standard of essential oil


Getting Familiar with Essential Oils

If you are just getting started with essential oils, then it is imperative you know what to look for. There are quite a few essential oil distilleries and suppliers, each with their own process of delivering the products they have packaged as essential oils. Some of the things you want