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Wild Orange



  • Cleanses and purifies
  • Enhances the immune system
  • Provides antioxidants, which combat free radicals
  • Promotes an uplifting feeling


The popularity of this essential oil is due to its multitude of therapeutic uses. The high monoterpene and antioxidant content provides  with a number of purifying and stimulating properties, including combating free radicals and enhancing immune system function, which is particularly beneficial during seasonal threats. It also helps re-energize and can be diffused to boost the mind and body, while cleaning the environment. Moreover, when taken internally, wild orange can cleanse the body and, when applied to surface tops, the oil cleans. Overall, wild orange enhances everything with its sweet and refreshing scent.


  • To clean surface tops, add a few drops to distilled water in a spray bottle and use as needed.
  • Enhance health and flavor by adding a drop to your drinking water.
  • Purify the air, re-energize the body, and uplift to mind  by diffusing throughout the home.
  • For an energy booster, add a drop or two to your palms, along with the same amount of frankincense and peppermint, then rub your hands together, cup around your nose, and inhale deeply. Then apply the oil blend to the back of the neck.


Diffusion: Diffuse 3-4 drops in whichever diffuser you choose.

Internal application: Place a single drop of essential oil in every 4 fluid ounces.

Topical application: Apply 1-2 drops topically to the affected area.

To reduce skin sensitivity, dilute Wild orange essential oil with Fractionated Coconut Oil.


Wild orange essential oil should be kept out of reach of small children. If receiving medical attention or are pregnant or breastfeeding, always consult with your physician before using essential oils. If you have sensitive skin, dilute heavily. Sensitive areas, ears, and eyes should be avoided when using this oil. Keep out of direct sunlight for 12 hours following application.

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